The Effect of Visual Aids on Learning

Updated March 29, 2017

The use of visual aids in the classroom helps children who are more inclined to learn by sight to become more interested in the subject at hand. There are visual aids for all ages of children that are appropriate for classroom use. Visual aids are meant to be a tool to help teach a subject and are meant to be used in addition to a regular lesson plan.


Visual aids function as a learning tool for children and educators. They function by providing a visual representation of the subject that is being learnt. This is something that regular text or oral presentation cannot do.


There are many different types of visual aids that can be used in the classroom. Posters that contain photographs or graphics often are useful. Teachers also can use computer presentations such as Power Point to help give the children a visual aid. Film clips also often are used as a powerful visual aid.


The potential for learning greatly increases when educators use visual aids in the classroom. Visual aids can be interactive and can help to customise the learning process. When children have something interesting to look at, it helps the teacher to hold their attention.


Visual aids affect learning by helping the children to keep their attention focused on a visual aspect of the presentation. These aids can help children to break down information and manage it on their own. Using visual aids in the classroom is a good way to make a lesson more memorable to the students involved.


Visual aids should be learning tools that can make an abstract idea become more concrete to the learner. They help the student to focus his thoughts and ideas on the subject, which in turn helps them to understand and interpret the information being presented.

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