Mosaic Crafts for Children

Updated November 21, 2016

Mosaic crafts can be done with a variety of materials, such as tiles, rocks and even food products. It is an easy way to change an ordinary object into a unique craft project and is easy enough for most young children. There are many ways to use mosaic for children's projects.

Crayon Picture Frame

Rather than throwing away small crayon pieces, use them to make a unique picture frame. Plain picture frames can be purchased at craft stores or you can use one that you already have. Gather up all the pieces of broken crayons and have your child strip any remaining paper. Arrange the crayons along the sides of the frame and use white glue to attach them. Allow the glue to dry overnight before adding a picture to the frame.

Bean Mosaic

A child can create a unique picture using dried beans. Find a piece of sturdy cardboard and draw a simple picture on it. Older children can draw their own pictures. Use white glue to either trace around the picture or fill in some or all of it. Place dried beans of different colours on top of the glue to form either an outline of the picture or to colour it in. Let the picture dry overnight before displaying it.

Mosaic Flowerpot

A plain terracotta flower pot will become a one-of-a-kind planter when it is accented with mosaic. Help your child to find a materials, such as pieces of tile, shells, pretty pebbles or small trinkets. Use a putty knife to cover the outside of the pot with a thick layer of tile grout and help your child to press the mosaic materials into the grout. Let him use any design he prefers for a truly unique piece. Add a little grout to cover broken edges and let it dry.

Eggshell Mosaic

Washed egg shells make great material for mosaic work. Any plain glass bottle, jar or bowl can be turned into a work of art with some paint and egg shells. Let your child spread white glue on the entire glass, or just on selected areas. Break the egg shells into smaller pieces and have your child place the pieces in any design he likes. Give the glue an hour to dry. Spray the entire surface with spray paint and use a cloth to wipe the paint off of the eggshells. Let the paint dry before displaying.

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