Shade climbing roses

Written by april fidler | 13/05/2017
Shade climbing roses
Shade-loving roses bring colour to dingy corners. (pink and yellow rose 16 image by David MacFarlane from

If you are struggling to find the perfect plant for that dark and dreary spot in your garden, look no further than a shade-tolerant climbing rose. Climbers force your eyes upward, provide cover for walls and fences, and fill in areas of your yard without overwhelming those areas. There are several rose varieties that grow with only 4 to 6 hours of sunlight. These roses are pest and disease resistant and come in a variety of colours.


Shade climbing roses
Iceberg rose. (white rose image by vla from

Though a pale rose in bright sunlight might appear washed out, in the shade its colours seem crisper. One white climber that loves the shade is Albéric Barbier, whose creamy flowers dance off deep green foliage. Iceberg, a bright white rose which only requires 4 hours of sun, also does well in shady spots. If your garden is full of tall vegetation, Kiftsgate can easily climb through towering trees.


Shade climbing roses
The mermaid rose is a sunbeam in the shade. (yellow rose image by Marek Kosmal from

There is no better way to add sunshine to a shady spot than to plant a yellow-blooming climbing rose. Alchymist produces large peachy yellow blooms with a strong scent reminiscent of Victorian roses. Creamy yellow rose petals can be found on Alister Stella Gray, while a more bronzelike yellow can be found on Marigold, a fragrant early bloomer. Mermaid, another shade-friendly climbing rose, produces yellow blooms from late summer to early fall.


Shade climbing roses
Galway Bay rose has peachy hues. (Pink Rose image by Pink Lion from

Climbing roses tend to grow where shrubs cannot because they can move their canes to find the perfect patch of sunlight in the shadiest of spots. Buff Beauty is a pale peach climbing rose with a musky scent. If you're looking for a shade-tolerant rose with apricot blooms, golden stamens and dark green foliage, try Cornelia. Galway Bay and Shropshire Lad are two climbers that produce healthy peach blossoms with dark green foliage and an applelike scent.


Shade climbing roses
The Kathleen rose brings pink to shady spots. (Pink Rose image by Ace from

Don't let the name Lavender Lassie fool you. This musk rose produces pink blooms from April to September. New Dawn produces copious amounts of pale pink blooms and has been one of the hardiest climbing roses on the market since 1930. Kathleen and Madam Gregoire Staechlin produce plump roses perfect for warding off the dreary shade with their pink blooms.


Shade climbing roses
The Danse du Feu rose adds fire red to your darkened garden. (red rose image by Leiftryn from

Danse du Feu is a fire-engine-red climbing rose with double flowers that blooms well in shade. With the help of a trellis or fence, Dortmund's large crimson flowers and dark green foliage will brighten up your shady space. Dublin Bay is a vigorous climber featuring a light perfume scent and tends to grow along fence lines where the shade from the fence prevents shrubs and other plants from thriving.

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