Why does my car pull to the right when driving?

Updated April 17, 2017

One of a car's primary selling points is how it handles. A car that strongly pulls to one side constantly is a tip-off that something is wrong. For one thing, pulling cars are hard to control. Long drives leave the driver with sore shoulders, and morning commutes create grumpy days. Additionally, a vehicle that doesn't drive straight is showing signs that there are other problems, probably with the tires or suspension. Wandering cars should be investigated immediately before more damage is done.


Wheel alignment is important to how a vehicle drives. When a mechanic aligns wheels, they adjust the angle of the wheels to make sure they are parallel to each other and perpendicular with the ground. This lengthens tire life and helps the car travel straight when it is on a level surface. Poor alignment can cause a vehicle to pull to one side.


Uneven tire wear, odd bulges or separating tread can cause a car to pull to one side. Radial tires with a belt that is slightly off can cause the tires to grip unevenly, which will also result in the car pulling to one side. If tires are bad enough to affect how the car's handling, they should be changed or repaired immediately to prevent a blowout.


Strut rod bushings and ball joints can cause a car to pull to one side. Strut rod bushings help control the suspension control arm, and if they are damaged they allow the control arm to shift. Suspension bushings that are worn or cracked will not hold suspension parts in place, and the vehicle will move abruptly whenever a bump is hit or the brakes are used.

Brake Hose

The brake hoses on a car can be fickle. If one gets clogged, it doesn't allow the same amount of brake fluid to reach both tires. This can cause one brake to stick, or it can cause one brake to work better than the other. Both circumstances will create pull in a vehicle as well as wear on the tire it is sticking to.

Cars Pull to the Right

In the U. S. and most other countries that drive on the right side of the road, cars are designed to have a slight pull to the right. This is a safety precaution used by car manufacturers to prevent accidents caused by falling asleep at the wheel or other circumstances where the driver cannot perform. The idea is that as the car slows to a stop it will roll to the side of the road rather than into oncoming traffic.

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