What Is Acacia Honey?

Updated April 17, 2017

Acacia honey is one of the more than 300 different varietals of honey recognised by the National Honey Board. In many places, it is considered a delicacy and thought to have medicinal properties.


Acacia honey comes from bees which have collected nectar from the acacia plant, a thorny tree with yellow, fuzzy flowers. The acacia plant originated in Africa but now grows around the world. The flavour of the honey varies depending on the geographic location of the acacia plant.


Acacia honey is a clear, pale-gold-coloured syrup with a mild, flowery taste. The consistency is smoother than most types of honey and it remains liquid for a longer time before crystallising.


According to the National Honey Board, all types of honey contain antioxidants, vitamins and antimicrobial properties. In moderation, acacia honey is a good choice for diabetics because it has a relatively low sucrose content.

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