Certified nursing assistant practice tests

Updated April 17, 2017

Practice tests are useful for prospective nursing assistants in preparing for the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program (NNAAP) written examination, which qualifies them for state and federal certification. A certified nursing assistant practice test covers all the necessary topics and lessons applicable to the NNAAP written examination, such as physical care, psychosocial care and the role of a certified nursing assistant.

Physical Care

Questions about physical care relate to skills needed to help patients with the activities of daily living, such as sleep, nutrition, hygiene and using the bathroom. An example question from the NNAAP nurse aide practice written exam packet asks what sleeve a patient should put on first if the person is weak on his left side. The test provides multiple choices including "both sleeves," "left sleeve," "client's choice" and "right sleeve." The correct answer is "left sleeve."

Basic Nursing Skills

Questions on a certified nursing assistant practice test include topics pertaining to basic nursing skills such as therapeutic techniques, emergency procedures and how to control infection. A sample question asks from which side a nursing assistant should aid a recovering stroke patient when the patient walks. Multiple choice answers include "on the client's strong side," "on the client's weak side," "from behind the client" and "with a wheelchair." The correct answer to this question is "from behind the client."

Injury Prevention and Self-Care

A certified nursing assistant practice test includes questions that address skills for preventing injury and helping patients care for themselves. A sample question requires the term for exercises that work an entire muscle and joint. Multiple choice options include "range of motion, "adduction," "abduction" and "rotation." The correct answer is "range of motion."

Psychosocial Care

Psychosocial care pertains to emotional and spiritual health. A sample question about psychosocial care asks how a nursing aid should respond to a patient who feels upset. The correct answer will involve addressing the patient in a calm and reassuring voice. The psychosocial care section of the test may also ask how to best attend to the spiritual needs of a patient, which includes allowing the patient the opportunity to discuss her beliefs.

Role of a Certified Nursing Assistant

A practice exam asks questions relating to the skills a cerrtified nursing assistant needs, such as communication, ethics and how to work as a member of a team. A sample question, such on the NNAAP nursing aide practice written exam packet asks how to best aid a patient who has difficulty acknowledging a loss. Multiple choice options include "leave the client alone," "convince the client to accept the loss," "encourage the client to talk" and "discourage individual activity." The correct answer for this question is "encourage the client to talk."

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