Easy to Grow Aquarium Plants

Add plants to your aquarium and you create a living underwater world. There are hundreds of varieties of aquatic plants. Easy to grow aquarium plants are divided into three main types: rooted plants, bunch type and floating plants.

Echinodorus Sword Plants

This species is very easy to grow in aquariums. Echinodorus sword plants originate in South America and are tolerant of fluctuating temperature and water PH conditions. It is a rooted plant and can spread rapidly to form a carpet of growth in your aquarium. The leaves are a combination of red and green colours, and this species comes in more than 30 varieties.

Aponogeton Crispus

This lacy leaved aquarium plant is found growing naturally in Madagascar and Sri Lanka. It can be planted in the middle of the tank and prefers water from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. This plant propagates by seed, and the stalk will grow out of the water to flower.

To pollinate the flower, just brush it with a feather or brush. The flower can last up to two weeks and has an aroma like chamomile. The seed pods will form on the stalk and may be germinated in a tray of room temperature water. This plant is a good choice if you have herbivorous fish because it can grow even if it is fed upon.

Azolla Caroliniana

This species of fern is a free floating plant. It is a symbiotic plant that fixes nitrogen from the surrounding air by means of cyanobacteria. The leaves are reddish green and covered with very fine hairs that give them a velvety feel.

The plant is native to North America, the Caribbean and South America. Sometimes called fairy moss, the plant grows quickly and requires little care. It reproduces by division and is a good source of food for herbivorous fish because it grows so quickly.

Anubias Barteri

Anubias barteri is an easy to grow freshwater aquarium plant. The plant has rich, green arrow shaped leaves and can spread out to as much as 16 inches. This plant can grow well without being planted into the tank substrate. Its rhizomes attach easily to stones or driftwood on the tank bottom, and some will even float free in the water.

Anubias likes moderate lighting and, for good growth, it is recommended that CO2 fertiliser be added to your tank. Anubias can be propagated by cuttings.

Pogostemon Helferi

This easy to grow plant has soft, green curly leaves. Often planted in the foreground, the plant can spread quickly under good conditions. The plant was discovered along the border between Thailand and Myanmar along river and creek banks where it lived submerged for part of the year.

In lower light levels, the plant quickly grows up to eight inches. Higher light levels cause it to grow in a compact mass of fronds. The plant also requires CO2 fertiliser and higher amounts of fertilising due to its rapid growth rate. If grown out of the water, the plant produces small lavender flowers.

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