Ford Door Lock Problems

Updated July 19, 2017

Power door locks is a convenience in many cars today. Forty years ago, they were once a luxury feature and standard equipment on only a few Ford cars such as Lincolns, Mercury Grand Marquis and Thunderbird. The 1976 Mercury sales catalogue lists power locks as an option on Cougar and Montego models. Power door locks can be a nuisance whenever they do not work well.

Power Lock Actuator

The heart of the power door lock system is a small motor called an actuator. It uses a plunger that moves 0.75 inches to produce a push or pulling action, depending on polarity. A rubber boot protects the unit against dust and moisture. The price for an actuator is £3.50 at

Key Fobs

The key fob is used for the remote entry system, which can operate when the operator is several feet from the vehicle. Problems with the key fob are usually solved with the replacement of its battery. The website reported that a few Ford Explorers and Mercury Mountaineers may need replacement of the module which controls the keyless entry system. Damage can be caused from a discharge of static electricity. The upper track is not always grounded to the lower track as intended.

Keyless Entry Code

Many upscale Ford models have a keyless entry system, which consists of a keypad embedded into the driver's door. Once the correct code is entered into the keypad, the doors and boot can be unlocked. A report by the Lincoln Mark VIII Club states that location of the codes is on the passenger-side boot hinge and taped to the security module itself. The security module has three connectors (green, grey and blue). The security module is located in the luggage area.

Broken Wires

In some cases, the power lock switch may not function fully. The experts of suggest that the cause can be a broken wire in the wiring bloom. The wires to the power door locks are routed from the fuse box to the forward edge of the door. They are protected by a rubber, bellow-like, tube (wiring bloom).


Power door locks are a convenient luxury and security feature that has trickled down from the luxury cars to the mainstream models. A malfunctioning power lock system can spoil the experience with a reasonable good car. A convenience is anything but handy when it does not work as intended.

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