General list of needs for building a house

Updated February 21, 2017

When preparing to build a new house, understand that the process takes some time and is quite complicated. Typically house building is a coordinated effort between many people that requires a seemingly endless list of materials needed to complete the project. While there is much more to constructing a house, there are several common needs that are generally shared by all home-builders.

House plans

It's all but impossible for a construction crew to begin building a house until they know precisely what they are building. In order to let all parties involved in the construction project know what they are working toward, a house plan is a must.

An architect or an engineer may have drawn the house plan. It may also be a simple design by the homeowner with all the dimensions written in. The professionalism of these documents varies, depending on the nature of the project. However, all builders need a plan before they can get very much done.

Foundation materials

After the ground is levelled appropriately for the home design, the next thing to go into place is the foundation. This will be the anchor for the house that will hold it in place and support the weight of the building.

Materials used to form a foundation can vary, with concrete being among the most popular options. Some builders may choose to use concrete blocks, bricks or even natural stone to construct a foundation.

Framing materials

Once the foundation is in place the framing process can begin. The framing is where the house takes shape. Framing materials are used to support the walls and roof, create doorways and brace ceilings.

Home-builders need wood to complete framing for a house in the majority of instances. There are homes that use other materials, like steel, for framing, but wood is the most common. It is often in 5 by 10 cm (two-by-four) and 10 by 10 cm (four-by-four) wooden boards.

Inside the walls

With the skeleton of the house in place, the plumbing and electrical specialists come into the picture and outfit the home with its inner-workings. Electricians and plumbers use a variety of tools including copper wiring, PVC pipes and many fittings that join the parts together and keep the utilities up to code and functioning properly.

The primary need in this area is the knowledge of a qualified plumber and electrician, though some home-builders may be able to do portions of this work themselves.


Plasterboard is likely to be a necessity somewhere within a new home. While it is not the only material, it is the most common one used to enclose walls and ceilings as a home. When using plasterboard, there are also some other tools that you may need as well.

A t-square, a rasp, a keyhole saw, a circle cutter, a drywall hammer, nails, a taping knife, a mud pan and a sander are among the many tools needed for a plasterboard project.

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