Age Requirements for Hotels

Updated July 19, 2017

Unless you're a teenager waiting for prom season to roll around again, you may not have any reason to consider a hotel's basic age requirements. But among all the other details to consider when planning your vacation, take a few minutes to send an inquiry to your desired destination to ensure that your dream vacation doesn't turn into a nightmare.


Hotels around the world provide a number of amenities designed to meet the tastes of a variety of travellers. From the five-diamond resort to the quaint bed-and-breakfast, each of these establishments is sure to offer something for just about everyone across the board. When it comes to a hotel's age requirements, the rules tend to reflect the laws of the surrounding region.


Large, recognisable hotel chains like Marriott demand that its hotels comply with all applicable laws regarding age requirements, even though the laws may vary from location to location. The Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort in Florida, for instance, adheres to an 18-and-over age policy for its guests. The Super 8 Las Vegas/Nellis AFB motel in Nevada, on the other hand, requires a minimum age of 21 in order for a guest to reserve a room.


Most hotels have websites you can visit to set your reservation and any other appointments you need to make. They usually require at least two forms of identification, to be presented upon checking in: one should be a photo ID (a driver's license or a passport) that proves you're the person who made the reservation and that you meet the hotel's age requirements; the second form of identification should be the credit card you used to reserve your room.


Unfortunately, most hotels don't readily answer questions about age requirements on their websites. The FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions) often addresses issues regarding pets or block reservations for rooms and special circumstances, but a brief e-mail to your desired hotel's customer service department will likely answer any questions you may have regarding age requirements.


Luckily for travellers who have children 12 years old or younger, most large hotel chains, like Best Western, allow children to stay for free.

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