Homeopathic Eye Drops for Cats

Written by angela dietrich
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You can use homeopathic eye drops for cats to treat eye discharge caused by allergies and minor infections. You can find eye drops in your local health food store or from online homeopathic suppliers that provide solutions for pets. Homeopathic care is a good initial treatment or first aid, but if symptoms do not show improvement in a day or two, it is best to seek veterinary guidance.


Homeopathic eye drops for cats are created with the theory that like cures like. A homeopathic eye solution can clear up minor infections with a build-up that is more gooey and mucus-like. It also shrinks aggravated tissue and opens the tear ducts. Dilution of the solution is important so the remedy is not overwhelming.


Once you evaluate your cat's eye condition, look for homeopathic eye drops that contains burdock (arctium lappa), rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis), tetterwort (chelidonium majus), and/or meadowsweet (filipendula ulmaria). Burdock acts as a cleansing and elimination herb that detoxifies the tissue around the eye. Burdock treats dry eyes and eye infections. Rosemary is a topical antiseptic with disinfecting and pain relieving qualities. Rosemary calms inflammation. Tetterwort boosts the immune system, fights infection and acts as a painkiller. Meadowsweet's astringent, antiseptic and inflammatory characteristics sooth and heal eye infections.


Before fetching your cat for an application of homeopathic eye drops, gather sterile cotton balls, a couple paper towels, and a teacup with a small amount of the homeopathic eye drops. If your cat lets you wipe his eyes without swatting at you, you can administer the eye drops by sitting with the cat between your legs, facing the same direction as you are facing. If your cat is feisty and not too keen on having you touch his face, you may want to gently wrap him in a towel like a baby so that his front and back paws are constrained.

When your cat is in place for his homeopathic eye drops, wipe away the eye discharge and then dip a cotton ball into your eye drop solution, saturating the cotton. Squeeze out any excess so it does not drip while loose in your fingers. Gently tilt your cat's head back with your free hand. Position your index finger ½ inch above your cat's eye. Gently squeeze off three drops into each eye, counting as it drips down your finger and into the eye.

Most homeopathic eye drop solutions recommend washing of the eyes and applying the remedy three times a day.


Note that the greater the amount of discharge, the more serious the eye condition. If your cat's eyes don't show improvement after two days, make an appointment with your veterinarian to check the eye.


Often changes in the environment aggravate the eyes---a windy day, extra debris in the air, dusty room or some other cat-attractive local. If the homeopathic eye drops work for your cat, it saves not only a trip to the veterinarian, but also undue anxiety for your cat.

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