Drill bit types

Written by veronica romualdez
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A drill bit is a tool that is attached to a drilling machine, such as a drill press, to create cylindrical holes. Drill bits are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. Each type of drill bit is used to create a different kind of hole.

Twist Bits and Screwdriver Bit Drills

Twist bits, also known as twist drills, are the most common drilling tools used on wood, metal and plastics. They can be attached to a hand or electric drill and have deep, spiral grooves that cut the material. Twist bits aid in removing debris from the hole and are made of high-speed steel or carbon steel.

A screwdriver bit drill has a shank shaped like a hexagon that is meant to be used with a rechargeable screwdriver. It is used for drilling pilot holes, which are smaller holes that are drilled before a larger hole, thus preventing a larger drill from slipping. And it reduces the likelihood of splitting the material.

Masonry Bits and Spur Point Bits

Masonry bits usually are used in a power drill for drilling holes specifically into brick, block, stone, tiles or concrete. They are not for wood, metal or plastic. The cutting point is either made from tungsten carbide or durium tipped and fixed to a spiral steel shaft.

A spur point bit, also called a wood or dowel bit, has a central point and two raised spurs designed to keep the bit straight while drilling. The bit cuts wood and some kinds of plastic quickly and accurately, leaving a clean and parallel hole.

Bullet Pilot Point Drill Bits and Tile Bits

Bullet pilot point drills are bits which have points that are shaped like a bullet and are used to drill clean, accurate holes in metal, wood and plastics. They are more accurate than twist bits and cause little damage to the material being drilled.

Used with a hand drill or power drill, a tile bit has a ground tungsten carbide tip and is used for drilling ceramic tiles, marble, porcelain, granite, mirrors, glass, and other materials.

Flat Wood Bit and Hole Saw

A flat wood bit is used with a power drill for large, deep holes in wood, chipboard and plastics. It is best used in electrical and plumbing work and in situations where the head of a screw needs to be recessed.

A hole saw is shaped like a circle with teeth around the edges. It is used with a power drill for cutting large, deep holes up to 18mm deep in thin wood, plastic or soft metal.

Forstner Bits and Wood Auger Bits

Forstner bits, named after the inventor, are used in drill presses or lathes and have radial-cutting edges to create holes with a flat bottom, such as for cabinet and door hinges.

A wood auger bit is used with a hand brace to drill large, clean, deep, flat-bottomed holes in soft of hard wood or thick man-made materials.

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