Calories Burned From Jumping on a Trampoline

Written by clint hale
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People attempt to burn calories in a number of ways. Some prefer standard forms of exercise such as weightlifting, jogging and aerobics, while others have got into alternative forms, such as Pilates and yoga. All forms of physical activity burn calories in some fashion, including walking up stairs, unloading groceries, even sex. Jumping on a trampoline also falls within the category of fun activities that also burn calories.


There is no hard-and-fast answer for exactly how many calories you burn while jumping on a trampoline. Among the many factors: a person's weight, metabolism, overall health, time spent jumping and the intensity with which you jump. But there are accurate ranges to help people gauge the amount of calories burnt while jumping on a trampoline.

Calories Burned for Women

The average American woman weighs approximately 63.5 Kilogram. A 140-pound woman who jumps on a trampoline will burn approximately three calories for every one minute, but the average increases with time. For instance, after 20 minutes, approximately 68 calories will have been burnt, while that number is approximately 204 calories after an hour.

Calories Burned for Men

The average American man weighs approximately 86.2 Kilogram, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. A190-pound man who jumps on a trampoline will burn approximately five calories for every one minute. But unlike women, the average doesn't really increase with time. A man burns approximately 98 calories after 20 minutes on the trampoline and 294 after an hour. Metabolism varies this rate from person to person.

Calories Burned Doing Other Everyday Activities

Jumping on a trampoline burns calories, but any activity does as well. For a person weighing 79.4 Kilogram, performing these activities for 20 minutes will burn calories at the following rates: yoga (66), darts (64), billiards (64) and playing with children (143).


Those interested in learning exactly how many calories they burn by time and activity can visit a number of online calculators. While they vary in the exact representation of calories burnt, the best sites will produce similar results.

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