Uses of Space Blankets

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Uses of Space Blankets
Space blankets help a body remain heat. (Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Space blankets are made by covering a thin material with an aluminium layer. Originally manufactured in 1965, the material gained worldwide recognition when used by NASA in the 1969 moon landing when it was used to protect the lunar module and astronauts. When used correctly, the blanket's shiny side reflects 90 per cent of body heat while dull side reflects 65 per cent of body heat. Emergency kits often contain space blankets because of their lightweight construction and minimal bulk.

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Personal Heat Loss Prevention

Wrap the emergency space blanket around you with the shiny side facing your body. Use a small amount of duct tape to hold the blanket together. Wrap the space blanket around you when cold, wet, or potentially in shock. Retain body heat to prevent hypothermia, reduce the effects of shock and conserve energy when exposed to inclement weather.

Victim Heat Loss Prevention

Lay the blanket on warm dry ground. Place the victim in the blanket. Wrap the bottom of the blanket up over the feet. Wrap the sides of the blanket around the victim. Tape the blanket together. The English manufacturer of Kelvalite emergency blankets suggests it is common for the person wrapped in the space blanket to feel clammy or uncomfortable during correct use of the blanket. The space blanket wrap increases the humidity increases around the patient's skin by preventing both heat and moisture loss.


Stretch the blanket on the ground to the full extension. Lay a branch or pole along one edge of the blanket. Fold the blanket over the pole and tape the seam. Lift the pole and wedge between two points to allow the blanket to drape vertically. Pull the blanket at an angle from the pole and weigh the edges down with rocks or sticks. Sit in the shallow angle portion of the blanket. If using a fire, place yourself between the blanket and the fire for maximum heat reflection.

Game Processing

Fully extend the space blanket on the ground. Process your game either on the blanket to prevent dirt and debris from entering the carcase, or use the blanket as a place to set portions of processed game. Use caution if using the space blanket for survival after using for game processing. Smells and particles of the animal will tempt predators.

Wind Blocking

Wrap yourself with the space blanket to prevent wind from seeping through your clothing. Wrap and tape the blanket between two points and sit in the lee of the blanket.


Bend a branch into a circle and tie off with cord or fibres. Wrap the space blanket around the circle with the shiny side out. Pull the blanket taut to create a flat surface for reflection. Tape or hold the blanket material in place. Point the flat surface at the sun and angle downward to locate the reflective shine. Create flashes by angling the reflected shine across the target repeatedly.

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