Types of glasses used for different drinks

Written by melissa mckean
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Types of glasses used for different drinks
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Most people can easily recognise distinct bar glasses, such as a champagne flute, a margarita glass, or a beer mug. However, what many don't know is that there are specific glasses for different types of drinks and liquors. Each glass is designed to make that type of beverage easier to drink and enhance the taste. For this reason, it is important to know the proper glass for each type of drink, especially if you are hosting a dinner party or other event.

Highball/Cocktail Glass

A highball glass or cocktail glass is about 340 to 397gr. and is straight sided all around. It is used to serve many types of mixed drinks, both on the rocks, meaning it is served over ice, and neat, meaning it is served with no ice or mixer. Another variation of the highball glass is the lowball glass, which is just a shorter version of the highball, and is typically 227 to 284gr.

Old Fashioned Glass

The old fashioned is most often referred to as a rocks glass. Rocks glasses are usually short with rounded sides and are typically 8 to 10 oz. in size. Most liquors served with no mixers, or only with a splash of a mixer, are served in the old fashioned glass. This glass is also used to serve specific types of cocktails, such as black Russians, brown cows, and old fashions, which is where the glass got its name.

Brandy Snifter Glass

You've probably seen a brandy glass before, though you may not have known what it was. This glass is not only used to serve straight brandy, but also brandy-based cocktails and cognac. A brandy snifter is a short glass with a stem that is larger at the base and decreases in circumference toward the top in a pear-type shape. The shape of the glass is used specifically for brandy because it allows the aromas of the liquor to gather at the top of the glass, while your hands heat the bottom of the glass as you hold it. The size of a brandy snifter varies from 12 to 17 oz.

Wine Glass

Typically, there are 2 types of wine glasses. One is used to serve white wine, and the other is used for red wine. White wine glasses are usually a little taller and thinner, with a longer bowl that tapers inward at the top. White wine glasses are usually about 227gr.in size. Red wine glasses are larger, with more of a bowl shape, and also get gradually smaller towards the rim of the glass. Red wine glasses are about 227gr. in size. Sparkling wine and champagne are served in champagne flutes, which keep the bubbles from escaping and the drink from going flat.

Martini Glass

A martini glass is easily recognisable, especially if you are a martini drinker. However, in addition to martinis, Rob Roys, Gibsons, gimlets, and other cocktails that don't require ice are also served in these glasses. Martini glasses have a stem, and a triangular shaped bowl. They vary is size between 3 and 12 oz. Martini glasses are often chilled before serving by filling the glass with a water and ice mixture while mixing the cocktail. The cocktails are also shaken with ice and then strained into the glass so they are served cold.

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