Clinical nurse manager job description

Updated March 23, 2017

A clinical nurse manager is the nurse leader for her nursing unit or area. A clinical nurse should have excellent interpersonal and team-building skills. A clinical nurse manager manages supply and chain budgets, medical records, employee performance evaluation, staff recruitment, retention and quality improvement. A clinical nurse consults and collaborates with other health care professionals to coordinate the management of patient care.

Education And Experience Requirements

Becoming a clinical nurse manager requires a baccalaureate of science in nursing, or a master's degree in nursing or other health-related field. Computer skills are needed, because the clinical nurse manager will maintain and process patient records and develop budgets for her medical unit. Progressive nursing leadership experience demonstrating solid management is necessary for this nursing position. A clinical nurse should have the ability to carry out all responsibilities in a thorough and timely manner.

Patients A Clinical Nurse Cares For

A clinical nurse manager is an advanced practical nurse who focuses his attention on a specific patient population. A clinical nurse manager focuses on different types of illnesses and diseases, such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. The patients a clinical nurse manager may treat or care for include those in a neonatal or geriatric unit of a health care facility.

Hiring Staff

A clinical nurse manager may be involved in the hiring of health care nurses and employees. The involvement of the clinical nurse includes selecting candidates who she feels are a good fit for the health care facility. A clinical nurse manager may have the job of interviewing the nurse candidates, determining whether the candidates will work well with the team of nurses for a specific unit or health care facility. Once the candidate is hired on as staff, the clinical nurse manager has the responsibility of assigning the nurse to the appropriate health care unit.

Employee Evaluations

Clinical nurse managers evaluate the job performance of nursing staff. A clinical nurse evaluates his staff by reviewing an employee's performance of completed work assignments and work techniques. The clinical nurse gives his staff suggestions on improving their work performance. This portion of the clinical nurse's job description is important, because the manager wants to ensure needs of the patients and the patient's family members are met. Evaluating employees effectively will help to improve the overall clinical, operational and financial performance of the hospital

Research And Training

Clinical managers perform research to remain current in nursing care practices. The clinical nurse manager also participates in assessment activities to determine the individual needs of the patients and overall program needs for the health care facility. The clinical nurse manager will conduct and access training for staff.

Job Outlook And Salary

Opportunities for clinical nurse managers are expected to increase in the coming years. Nurses with the highest level of training, such as a clinical nurse manager, will be in higher demand. Clinical nurse managers will have job security in hospitals, clinics and research facilities. Clinical nurses make an average salary of £50,700 a year.

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