Interior Design Ideas for a Mobile Home

Updated March 23, 2017

Mobile homes generally consist of a dwelling that is rented or purchased without purchasing the land underneath it. Decorating a mobile home can pose challenges, but there are many ways to overcome these. Pay attention to details, and make any mobile home an inviting place for all those who live there.

Lighting Choices

Choose the right lighting. Most mobile homes are one story with rooms laid out from end to end. Many mobile homes are also spaced closely together. Place curtains on each window to help control the amount of light in each space. Add overhead lighting to help illuminate corners. Use task lighting in areas that might get less light, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Flooring Considerations

A mobile home might have a thin subfloor that magnifies sound. Reduce sound transmission with carpeting and rugs. Most mobile homes have rooms that lead into each other. Create a unified look in the entire space by using a single kind of carpeting throughout entire home. Choose carpeting that is thick and soft. Rugs also work well when placed evenly atop wood flooring. Use tile sparingly because it can amplify noise.

The Right Paint

Choose wall colours that increase the impression of space. Many mobile homes feel cramped. An excellent way to make a space feel more airy is with the use of neutral paints and colours. Paint rooms off white or with pastels. Light blues and greens can create the pleasant feel of being underwater, viewing a distant horizon or being at the beach.


Add detail. Some mobile homes feel bare. Reduce this feeling with well-chosen items. Place dentil mouldings around the edges of rooms. Add a mantelpiece in the living room. Fill corners with fresh flowers, china or elegant glassware.

Furniture Placement

Proper placement of furniture can make any room feel more usable. Scale items appropriately. If your living room is small, purchase a sofa with three seats instead of four. Create an intimate seating area with an additional chair placed next to the sofa and small tables where people can place necessary items. Place beds against walls to create more usable space in bedrooms. Purchase tables made of less bulky material such as glass, metal and rattan rather than heavier woods.

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