Progesterone Side Effects

Written by norma chew
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Progesterone is a female hormone, it regulates ovulation and menstruation. Progesterone is available in tablet, cream or injection form. The brand names for progesterone are, First Progesterone and Prometrium. Before taking progesterone it is important as with any medication to be aware of its function and any side effects that may occur by discussing these factors with your doctor. Some forms of progesterone may include peanut oil. Inform your doctor if you are allergic to peanuts.


Progesterone is given to women who are not having monthly menstrual periods, even though they have not reached menopausal age. Progesterone is also used to treat menopausal women who are taking Estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy (EHRT) to prevent uterine lining over growth.

Side Effects

The side effects of progesterone may be listed as less serious side effects, serious side effects and allergic side effects. Less serious side effects include, boating, mild nausea and stomach cramps. In addition, there may be diarrhoea, coughing and a mild headache, along with dizziness, muscle pain and breast pain and tenderness. Other side effects include vaginal itching, dryness or discharge. Inform your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

Serious Side Effects

It is important to stop taking this medication and call your doctor for immediate advise if you are having any of the following symptoms. Chest pains, sudden headache, confusion and problems with vision, speech or balance. In addition there may be pain behind the eyes and nausea along with stomach pain, low fever and loss of appetite. Other symptoms to be aware of are yellow skin colouring (jaundice) or clay coloured stool.

Allergic Reaction

An allergic reaction to Progesterone or any other drug is a serious medical emergency. Seek immediate medical care for any of the following symptoms. A rash or hives accompanied by itching along with shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.


To avoid drug interactions inform your doctor of any drugs you are taking including over-the-counter drugs. Inform your doctor about your medical history prior to taking progesterone. This is important especially if you have a history of stroke, circulation problems, breast or uterine cancer or abnormal vaginal bleeding. Progesterone should not be taken if pregnant or breast feeding. Side effects of progesterone also cause impairment in thinking or reaction.

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