Ideas for Party Table Decorations

Updated April 17, 2017

It's easier to plan a party once you have figured out your theme and the theme colours for the event. As you are planning your event, consider the kind of atmosphere you want to create. Based on that decision and the look you're going for, many different table decorations can make your party visually exciting.

Candle Ideas

Make your formal dinner party a success with elegant and simple table decorations. Don't underestimate the beauty candles can add to your table. Simply place an odd number of candles of different heights in the centre of your table. Choose unscented candles that match your colours or use ivory or white candles for a neutral presentation. Place the tallest candle in the centre of your group and the smaller ones on the sides. Place a mirror under your candles so the warm glow of the candlelight is reflected.

Floral Ideas

Look to Mother Nature for inspiration. A floral centrepiece adds drama and splendour to any party. Be creative with the container for your flowers. Try using teapots filled with small, dainty roses mixed with baby's breath. A metal pitcher filled with roses and hydrangeas gives your table rustic charm. Grass can be added to the container to give the floral arrangement a natural look. Sprinkle flower petals on top of your table.

Edible-Decoration Ideas

Brighten up your table for a summer party by decorating your table with citrus fruit. Arrange citrus fruits that pack a lot of colour, such as oranges, limes or lemons in a small handbasket in the centre of your table. Randomly place lemon leaves on the table or place slices or halves of fruit around your centrepiece. Use an ivory-coloured tablecloth to make the colours of the fruit stand out.

Balloon Ideas

Balloons are one of the easiest ways to give your table a festive look. Fill balloons with helium and attach curling ribbon. Create balloon bouquets of three to five balloons each and place them in the centre of your table. Use balloons that are pearly white, gold or silver for formal parties. Make sure that the ribbons attached to the balloons are long enough that your guests don't have to peek over the balloons to see people on the other side of the table. Toss confetti or curling ribbon that matches your colours on the table as accents.

Candy Ideas

Candy can be an exciting table element for party attendees of all ages. Purchase small baskets from your local craft store and place two layers of waxed paper in the baskets. Toss in a variety of candy favourites and some curling ribbon. Use the baskets as place cards. You can do the same with a glass container or a large vase filled with brightly coloured candy. Decorate the table with jelly beans, lollipops and M&Ms.

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