Home improvement grants for the disabled

Updated April 17, 2017

Home improvement grants for the disabled are available to individuals and to organisations serving the needs of the disabled community. Although not an exhaustive list, noteworthy websites presenting grant opportunities for the disabled are, and Furthermore, grant opportunities are deadline sensitive, competitive and involve specific requirements to become eligible; therefore, visiting these websites frequently is optimal to increase the chances of benefiting from home improvement grants for the disabled.

CFDA Grant Number: 10.417 Providing Housing Repair Grants for Very-Low Income

According to, the U.S. Rural Hosing Services is awarding grants to qualified applicants. The grant identifies qualified applicants as homeowners 62 years of age or older with a low annual income and residing in rural areas with a population no more than 10,000 residences. Furthermore, the grant awarded will act like a loan with an interest rate of 1 per cent repaid over a 20 year period; the maximum amount awarded to qualified applicants is £13,000.

CFDA Grant Number: 64.005 Grants for State Veterans Home Construction

According to, state government organisations are eligible to receive funds to develop or renovate the homes of veterans, disabled veterans or both. The award ceiling is £113,750,000 and involves (matching funds) cost share requirements. Furthermore, it's anticipated that 20 awards will be granted by the Construction of State Home Facilities.

CFDA Grant Number: 93.067 Home Based Care Activities for Vulnerable Children

The Center for Disease Control providing grants to community outreach programs, non-profit organisations and faith-based institutions to improve the quality of homes through assisting in health based activities. For example, according to, the Center for Disease Control is awarding one grant with an award ceiling of £4,550,000 to implement provisions for quality homes for vulnerable children and disabled children.

CFDA Grant Number: 93.067 for Home Based Care Activities for Victims of HIV

According to, the Center for Disease Control is also awarding grants to improve the living conditions in homes by assisting in health based care to victims afflicted with AIDS or HIV. Moreover, the grant also provides funding for home-based counselling to such victims.

CFDA Grant Number: 14.906 Technical Studies for Healthy Homes

According to, the U.S. Department of housing is providing grants with an awarded ceiling of £520,000 with a program funding totalling £2,600,000. Eligibility involves non-profit organisations, academic intuitions, state and local governments to apply.

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