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Updated November 21, 2016

Caseworker, or social worker, is a profession that concentrates on helping people deal with problems ranging from disability to family issues. There are many types of caseworkers, and what a caseworker does day-to-day depends on the exact position. Caseworkers can work for government agencies, health care facilities, schools and social service agencies.

Child and Family Caseworkers

Child and family caseworkers are employed by social service agencies, large companies and government agencies. Child caseworkers advise parents on the child's well-being and on the well-being of the family as a whole. They also may work with adoptions and help place foster children. Some family caseworkers may work only with senior citizens, or by advising families on how to help the senior citizens in the family. Others may work in employee assistance programs, advising those with job problems or personal problems that affect their work.

School caseworkers

School caseworkers are liaisons between the student's family and the school system. A school caseworker's job is to help children improve as students, and to help with personal problems. School caseworkers may also be hired by the school system in order to work on social problems like truancy, and advise and teach workshops for teachers on problems in the classroom.

Mental health and substance abuse caseworkers

Mental health and substance abuse caseworkers are also called clinical social workers. These caseworkers are employed in hospitals, substance abuse treatment centres, social service agencies and government agencies. These caseworkers provide therapy, help patients with going back to life outside of the treatment centre and give crisis intervention or outreach.

Health caseworkers

Health caseworkers support and advise people who have major illnesses such as AIDS or Alzheimer's. They also work with the patient's family and, if necessary, arrange for home health care. Some health caseworkers choose to specialise in certain types of patients, such as cancer patients. Health caseworkers work in health care facilities, social service agencies and local government agencies.

Social work administration

Social work administrators are also called social work planners and social work policymakers. Social work administrators are people who develop social programs for problems such as abuse, and analyse programs that are already in place. They help to identify social problems that are starting to develop. They also do grant-writing and fund-raising for the programs.

A caseworker's day

Depending on the type of caseworker, caseworkers meet with clients either in their offices, at the patient's residence, or at other area offices. A caseworker may also meet with other service providers to discuss a mutual client or, if the caseworker is employed in a hospital or residential facility, work with a team on the patient's care.

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