Toning Arm Exercise Routines for Women

Written by jinnene foster
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Toning Arm Exercise Routines for Women

As women become more fit, dogged pursuits to tone their arms might prevail. But regardless of countless strategies circulating among fitness media, to see substantial results in arm muscle definition, women must focus on a combination of cardio-related activity and weight-bearing exercises.

Burning Fat

Though it may seem a lower priority when toning, burning fat is often a preliminary step. Despite a high level of arm strength, visible toning results only after your arms become lean. Incorporating increased cardio activity (running, dancing, bicycling) into your workout regimen burns the necessary calories to bring your arms down to size.

Lifting Weights

Upper-body weightlifting is the most effective way to build tone. Exercising with free weights quickly builds muscle fibres, which eventually leads to visible tone. Experimenting with simple exercises like bicep curls or bench presses (three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions) is effective. The latter of these routines not only focuses on the arms, but also on the pectoral muscles--strengthening which will ultimately build strength in the arms.

Substantial Weight

A common misconception regarding toning routines is that performing higher repetitions with low weight is ideal for arm toning. In fact, to catalyse the growth of muscle fibres, a substantial amount of weight must be lifted. A good paradigm to target substantial weight is to lift enough weight so that you struggle to get through eight reps, but not so much that you encounter burning pain.

Bearing Weight

Engaging in health-building routines like yoga is a great way to burn fat while also toning the arms. Through such activity, you practice a series of poses that bear the weight of your body as you stimulate your respiratory system with controlled breathing. In effect, you burn fat as you are building muscular strength.

Resistance Training

Toning routines can be balanced by incorporating resistance exercises like swimming. Though benefits of swimming are countless, like yoga, swimming results in arm tone by building lung capacity (and burning fat) while increasing muscular strength. In this case, the water itself serves as a weight, as your body pushes against it to propel forward. Particular advantages of swimming include sparing the joints of impact as well as mind relaxation through buoyancy.

Diet Routine

There exists no routine to achieve a tone upper body through exercise alone. A sensible diet must also be incorporated to keep saturated fat intake at a minimum while maximising the number of hearty nutrients your body uses for metabolising fat and building muscle. This is best accomplished by balancing lean protein, whole grains and organic fruits and vegetables.


Sleep is an essential ingredient to achieving changes in your body's form. Once you are able to target your ideal arm toning regimen, coupled with eating the right foods, a sufficient amount of time must be allotted for sleep. Sleep gives your muscles the necessary rest they need to repair from growth and your mind the break it needs to maintain focus.

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