What Is an Aircast for the Foot?

Updated April 17, 2017

An Aircast brand device is a very light cast made of plastic that is used to treat foot and ankle breaks or sprains. It has a protuberance on the bottom that allows patients to walk and it can be removed if needed.

Why an Aircast

An Aircast walking cast offers increased mobility, which helps to keep blood circulating and muscles to work, rather than being immobilized in a plaster cast that restricts movement completely.


Using an Aircast device can get a person with a foot injury back to work sooner since they are able to walk and move around while still in the cast.


One Aircast device goes up the leg to just below the knee. Another type is a shorter device that is used on patients who cannot tolerate the longer length because of large calf size or shorter limb size. Ankle braces are also available.


The cost of Aircasts depends on the type. The longer types can cost around $200 and the short cast costs a little more than $100. The ankle braces were around $50 in 2009.


Patients with sprained ankles who use the Aircast walking cast tend to heal faster due to the ability to the mobility it provides, according to a British stufy published in the February 2009 edition of The Lancet medical journal

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