Prodromal Symptoms of Herpes

Written by china zmuida
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Prodromal Symptoms of Herpes

Prodromal symptoms of herpes is your body's way of letting you know that you are about to experience an outbreak. Prodromal symptoms can last up to 2 days before you begin to experience an outbreak. They are not a result of becoming infected for the first time, but rather when you experience outbreaks. Many people who are infected with herpes may never even experience any forms of symptoms. However, if you suspect that you are at risk, it is important to get tested for STDs, as herpes remains in the body and can be transmitted to others even if you aren't showing symptoms.

Common Symptoms

Prodromal symptoms can include burning or itching where blisters will begin to cluster. You may also experience pain or tingling. Once you begin to experience the prodromal symptoms, typical herpes symptoms such as cold sores or pus-filled blisters will begin to appear.

Genital Herpes

If you experience prodomal symptoms with genital herpes, you may feel tingling sensations around the genital region. Sometimes you may experience a tingling or shooting pain sensation on the back of your legs. You may also have severe backaches. If you begin to experience such sensations, you should abstain from any forms of sex in order to reduce the risk of transmission to partners.

Other Prodromal Symptoms

With genital herpes, lesions may begin to form around the genital region. They can often be painful and last up to 10 days. Though rare, women can experience an increase in vaginal discharge or discharge that has an unusual odour. Intercourse and urination can also become painful.


Even with the use of condoms, herpes can still be transmitted in areas that are unprotected by condoms or dental dams. People who have herpes are prone to what is known as viral shedding, which means that even if you don't show any signs of an infection, you can still spread the disease through your mucous membranes. Oral sex is not recommended.


Prodromal symptoms will often reoccur. If you are stressed, overly tired or even spend excessive amounts of time in the sun (more than 3 hours a week), you can experience recurrent symptoms. Genital herpes tends to cause more symptoms and outbreaks than herpes simplex virus 1 (common cold sores of the mouth). Genital herpes symptoms can occur about one to six times a year.


There is no cure for herpes. It can only be managed through medication therapy. If you are diagnosed with herpes it is best to begin drug management when you begin to experience prodromal symptoms. It increases the efficacy of the drugs. Herpes drugs can also lesson the duration of your outbreak.

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