Removing acne scars by punch graft

Written by lamonica epps
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The scars that acne sometimes leaves behind can cause people to feel depressed or self-conscious about their faces. People who have acne scars have a hard time removing them with acne treatments that are over-the-counter or prescribed by a doctor. One of the most effective ways to remove acne scars is through punch graft. Punch graft is a surgical procedure that treats deep acne scars.


The purpose of punch graft is to surgically remove deep--also called ice pick and boxcar--scars that are caused by acne. The surgery is minor, and special punch tools are used for the procedure. The size of the punch tool that is used is based on the size of the scar.


There are three different types of punch treatments. The treatments are punch grafts, punch excisions and punch elevation. All the punch treatments remove deep acne scars, but each treatment uses different techniques to remove the scars.


The technique punch graft uses is removing skin that's not scarred with a tool. It then places the skin onto the scar using skin glue, stitches or other methods.

Punch excision’s technique is using a punch tool that helps bring the skin edges together. That helps to smooth the scar out. This procedure fades the acne scar and makes scars from the surgery less noticeable.

The technique punch elevation uses is elevating the scar tissue and reattaching the skin around the scar using punch tools. The benefits people receive from this procedure are a reduction in scarring, texture or colour differences. Punch elevation is also more useful for people with deeper acne scars.

Healing Time

The new scar that the punch graft creates usually takes about five to seven days to heal and for the bandages to be removed. Once the skin heals, people will be able to see a difference in their skin.


When the scar heals, people will notice their skin is smoother and more even than it was before. If the skin is uneven, it can become smoother by using chemical peels or microdermabrasion 4 to 6 weeks after the skin has healed.


When the procedures are done correctly, people will receive the benefit of having their acne scars permanently removed. They will no longer have to worry about acne scars because the punch graft treatment stops the acne scars that were removed from reappearing. The other benefits people will receive are fewer acne scars, a smoother skin surface and even skin.

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