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The field of nursing offers many opportunities. For those special people with the skills and desire to work tirelessly in this field, there are many different directions that a nursing career can go in. The most traditional nursing jobs are those in hospitals and doctors' offices. However, if you are looking for a different and more unique way to use your nursing degree, there are plenty of options available. Alternative nursing jobs can offer the perfect fit for licensed nurses who are looking for a change from the hospital setting. Explore some of the following options and see if you can find the perfect new career.


If you enjoy the practice of nursing but just need a change of scenery, there are a variety of different places that may fit your needs. If you enjoy working with children, becoming a school nurse may be the perfect option. A school nurse may work for one particular school, or rotate among several schools in the district. The hours are limited to those in a school day--which also means weekends and holidays off. If working with sick children all day isn't up your alley, you may want to consider a location on the other end of the spectrum. Prisons need special nurses as well. This job is difficult, and not suited to just anyone but if you have the right skills, this is definitely a change from hospital nursing.


For some people, monotony is the worst part of a job. If you like to change things up and enjoy new challenges, consider a nursing career that will allow you to travel. If you're just looking to try out different locations around your city, consider temp nursing. There are staffing agencies designed just for temporary nurses which will provide the opportunity to work for a variety of different facilities. If you would like to travel on a broader scale, there are ample opportunities for nurses to work overseas with non profit, government or religious organisations. Spending time in an underprivileged country may be just the thing to reignite your passion for helping people.


If you feel that you have special skills in a particular area of nursing, consider focusing your career in that direction. As alternative medicines grow in popularity, there is an increasing need for nurses in the field of alternative medicine. This may include working with alternative practitioners in the fields of acupuncture, reflexology, herbalism and more. If you are interested in pursuing a Master's degree in nursing, you have the option of becoming a certified nurse midwife. If you want to spend your time working with expectant mothers and bringing new lives into the world, this might be the perfect speciality for you.


Some people have a special talent for management positions. If you have good organizational and people skills, you may want to consider a career as a nurse administrator. A nursing administrator can work with staffing agencies, health care providers, clinics and hospitals. If you would like to take it a step further and be your own boss, you could become an entrepreneur and start your own nursing agency.


If you have a talent for teaching or research, and maybe enjoyed nursing school more than hands on nursing, there are a few options you should explore. If you have a Master's degree, you may enjoy becoming a nursing educator and training the nurses of the future. If you like research, consider a career as a clinical research associate. In this job, you would be working with various companies and organisations to study new medical devices, treatments or drugs.

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