Plus-Size Nursing Uniforms

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are a full-figured man or woman in the nursing profession, then you are probably familiar with the hassles of finding appropriately proportioned nursing scrubs and uniforms. In a clothing genre that is supposed to fit loosely, there are few things more problematic or embarrassing than tight scrubs. The best solution for many people--even those that are not technically overweight--is to purchase plus-size nursing uniforms.


Plus-size nursing uniforms serve the same function as conventional sizes do. They protect garments from the everyday "splatters" of the nursing profession and are easily removed should they become seriously soiled by bodily fluids or other contaminants. Because scrubs are worn over regular clothes, they need to fit loosely and be somewhat baggy. Plus-size nursing uniforms are roomier than regular ones so that they can be worn by larger people.


Plus-size nursing uniforms tend to be fuller in cut through the thigh and buttock area as well as in the chest and shoulder area. They are proportionally designed, but do not tend to be longer or particularly wide through the calve and arm areas. They come in many patterns of cloth just as do regular sizes.


Plus-size nursing uniforms vary depending on their purpose and the wearer's preference. The tops may be jackets or pullovers and be designed with or without pockets. The trousers nearly always have elastic waistbands so that they can easily be pulled on over other clothes if necessary, but they also come with and without pockets and may need to be hemmed if you are short in stature.


One of the main benefits of plus-size nursing uniforms is your own comfort. It is simply easier to do the job of comforting others when you are not preoccupied with the way that your scrubs are cutting off your circulation or how they are bunching and tight in all sorts of unpleasant places. Plus-size nursing uniforms can help you feel at ease with yourself so that you can focus on helping others.


Plus-size nursing uniforms come in various sizes. They start at XL, for extra large, and go through 6XL in most cases. An XL scrub uniform may be appropriate for a woman who wears a size 10 or 12 in regular clothes since she will be wearing the uniform over the clothes. A 6XL will vary by company, but will often fit someone who is a size 36 or even slightly higher.


When ordering plus-size nursing uniforms, make sure that you use the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. If you simply stick to the size that you believe you are, then you may end up with a uniform that is too large or too small and be unable to return it or exchange it. Plus sizes are far more flexible than conventional sizes, and you need to make sure that you are getting the right size according to the company from which you are ordering (see Resources below).

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