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Updated February 21, 2017

Baxi, headquartered in Warwick, United Kingdom, produces home comfort products, including Baxi Brazilia series of gas wall heaters. Wall heaters attach to directly your outside wall, saving you on floor space. As of 2011, Baxi offers four models of gas wall heaters, and you can install these heaters in nearly any room of your home. You can purchase Baxi products from authorised dealers.

Common Features

All of the models in the Brazilia series of gas wall heaters run on either liquid propane or natural gas depending on what's available in your area. They feature a cast-iron unit, and they vent to the outside. You must mount these units to an outside wall, and you must create a small hole in this wall for the flue. You can install these units in bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, stair landings and any room connected to an outside wall. All of these models come with a disability adaptor for disabled users.


Brazilia units don't use a pilot light so you don't have to worry about lighting one. You simply turn on the unit to start it. These units are safe because the wall heater's gas supply will automatically shut off if the flame extinguishes. You can use these units along with your current central heating system. It also saves you money since it allows you to heat only the rooms that you're in. You can shut off your central heating system, which draws a lot of power.

F 5 Models

The Brazilia series F 5 models include the F 5 and F 5S. These units output up to 1.5 kilowatts of heating power, and the controls are located on the front of the heater. They have three heat settings: high, medium or low. The F 5 model comes only with a beige finish, and the F 5S models have either oak or mahogany side panels. These heaters are for smaller rooms.

F 8S Models

The F 8S models include the standard F 8S and F 8ST models. Both models produce up to 2.3kW of heating power. The F 8S model comes with either oak or mahogany side panels, and it has three heat settings. The F 8ST model features the Comfortstat 2 technology, which allows you to heat your home in increments between 0.6kW to 2.3kW. This ensures that your wall heater provides you with maximum comfort. This model comes with oak side panels and a beige finish. Both of these models are for larger rooms.

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