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Updated February 21, 2017

Cycling is a great hobby and a wonderful recreational sport that men and women of all ages can enjoy. Not only does it promote heart health and general fitness, but it gives you great legs! However, if you are a man and cycle for long distances on a regular basis, you may experience some pretty serious testicular soreness over time. Make sure you know what is normal and what is not, as well as how to avoid this annoying and painful issue.


Generally, testicular soreness from cycling is a result of poorly padded bike seats or an unfortunate fall. The soreness itself is solely a result of pressure or rubbing on the testicles for extended periods of time. While this is certainly not pleasant, it is also not usually particularly long-lasting, nor does it indicate a greater problem unless the pain persists even when you give the "family jewels" a break.


Generally, sore testicles are pretty easy to identify. In the case of cycling-related injury, they may appear red or slightly swollen. If they are warmer than usual, you may have an infection that has been caused or exacerbated by the cycling, so see a doctor immediately if they are tender to a light touch and feel hotter than normal.


Many men avoid cycling because they believe that it can cause impotence and infertility because it is hard on the testicles. While sore testicles from cycling may feel like they are a major health concern, generally they are nothing more than a little chafed. Cycling does not cause infertility. However, persistent pain can indicate testicular damage, so it is best to adjust your riding gear and habits to protect your testicles.


The best way to avoid getting sore testicles while cycling is to get a padded seat. You can either replace your bicycle seat entirely or simply get an additional pad for your existing seat. Some men even get padded bike shorts that alter the way that you sit on the bike and can protect your testicles from further irritation. If you have already developed cycling-related pain, then you should give the bike a break for a few days and maybe even apply a cool cloth to relieve the swelling.


While sore testicles from cycling are not a major health threat, if you get your sore testicles from an actual fall, then you need to keep a close eye on your testicles for several days. If you feel any lumps, do not assume that they are from the fall. In fact, most testicular tumours are discovered as a result of soreness in the area that does not fade as it should. Any lumps must be examined by a doctor immediately.

Time Frame

In the event that you develop soreness from cycling, you can expect to be off the bike for several days. If your testicles are sore from pressure as opposed to an impact, you will probably be back to normal in 1 to 3 days. However, if you have crushed your testicles in an impact of some sort or fallen in the crossbar of your bike, they may take 1 to 3 weeks to heal.

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