What Is the Most Expensive Vodka?

Written by dana severson
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For better or for worst, vodka holds the top spot of the most popular liquor on the market today. That's most likely one of the main reasons you'll find so many brands and varieties in almost any of your local off-licence. From the cheap to the very expensive, a whole aisle can often be devoted to the stuff. But for the more refined booze connoisseurs, you can't help but ask which vodka is actually the most expensive around.


The price all depends on whether you're talking about a bottle of standard vodka or speciality vodka. For a standard bottle of vodka, this honour is pretty much an even tie. In 2008, both the Stolichnaya Elit and the Jean-Marc XO win the battle for the most expensive. With more speciality brands, the vodka can be up to three times more expensive. A bottle of Kauffman Luxury Vintage can cost you over two hundred dollars.


All three sound like a sweet chunk of change for something you might be mixing with a little tonic or juice. When it comes to taste, it makes you wonder whether the price tag really worth it. As you drink more and more vodka, your palate will inevitably begin to discern between the countless varieties. These are subtle differences, but those differences can really effect your enjoyment of a drink, especially when having it straight. When you begin to move up the spectrum of quality with your vodka, you'll find a change in not only its flavour, but also its smoothness, texture and clarity. For a connoisseur, this is very important. And for your average vodka enthusiast, it can be, too.


You're probably wondering what exactly are you getting when forking over this kind of dough. Stolichnaya Elit is a vodka that goes through a subzero filtering process which releases any impurities that may be present, lending to a smoother taste. It features notes of aniseed and pepper, giving it a soft, yet spicy finish. Sounds good. With the Jean-Marc XO, you'll find a vodka that is filtered nine times in fairly small batches. This sort of charcoal filtering gives the product a silky texture. And due to the region from which it is produced, it tends to have a more floral bouquet that is complex while still remaining neat. A bottle of Kauffman Luxury Vintage is said to be soft and subtle with a feint taste of mint. It is produced in very limited quantities from a single harvest of wheat.


That being said, it sort of makes you question if all other vodkas will fail to compare. The brand of vodka you choose to drink is something that definitely comes down to taste. Within the many brands, you'll have a hard time not noticing that each will have a distinct flavour in its notes, texture, aftertaste, and burn. So, there really are a number of lower priced bottles that have stood the test of taste. When you have a chance, compare several vodkas. Let your palate be the ultimate judge.


Due to its wide array of uses, vodka has become the most popular booze on the market today. Actually, that crown was bestowed on its head back in 1975. That's a very long time to be the reigning king of the bar scene. You'd think something would've come along by now to usurp the throne, but it hasn't. From screwdrivers to martinis and gimlets, Americans continually find new methods to drink this fine liquor. If you're planning on using your vodka in a drink, the more expensive brands like Stolichnaya Elit, Jean-Marc XO and Kauffman Luxury Vintage may not be the best bet for you. Of course, this doesn't mean they aren't worth the price.

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