About adult tricycles

Written by jennifer garcia
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About adult tricycles
Delta tricycles are ideal for short-distance pleasure riding.

Bicycling is a great way to get exercise and have fun outdoors, however, not everyone knows how to ride a bicycle and not everyone has the balance or stamina to sit upright on a two-wheel bicycle for long periods of time. When one thinks of tricycles, the small three-wheeled "toy" from childhood comes to mind. That's not necessarily the case these days. While it is true that small tricycles are still used by children under the age of 5, adult tricycles are also available for grown-ups who want to enjoy biking outdoors without the stress and strain that comes with traditional cycling.


There are two types of adult tricycles on the market today. The first one is called the tadpole. The tadpole features two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back. Tadpoles typically are categorised as recumbent tricycles, which means the tricycle has a reclined seat that requires the rider to have a stronger ability to balance than those who ride traditional tricycles. Recumbent tricycles are good for riders who go long distances, as the stress on your back is relieved with the reclined seat. The delta is a more traditional-looking tricycle. As stated, it has two wheels in back and one up front. It requires the rider to sit upright, which can cause strain on the back if travelling long distances. The delta type should only be used for short distances, such as riding around your block or maybe riding to your nearest park. This is definitely not the type of tricycle you would want to use in a marathon.

About adult tricycles
Delta tricycles are ideal for short-distance pleasure riding.


While tadpole tricycles may be used for long-distance riding and delta tricycles may be used for short-distance and pleasure riding, there are also tricycles that are made for hauling. If you are in need of a tricycle that functions for work use, then you may consider a load-carrying tricycle. These tricycles can carry loads of up to 204 Kilogram, which include the weight of the rider. Motorised tricycles are also available. While these types of tricycles will not help the rider get any exercise, they are good for recreational purposes, such as leisure riding.

About adult tricycles
Tadpole tricycles are ideal for long-distance riding.


Before purchasing a tricycle, it is important to decide what type of tricycle you are in the market for, before you go to the store to purchase it. Decide whether you want a delta or a tadpole, decide whether you need a load-carrying tricycle and what you would use it for. Tricycles that fold for easy storage and transportation are also available. Tricycle prices vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, so it's also important to plan within your budget when making a new tricycle purchase.


There are many benefits to riding a tricycle. One of the main benefits is that the rider is getting exercise. Unlike being a slave to the gym, a tricycle rider can enjoy the outdoors while improving their health. He or she can choose a route that is enjoyable. In addition, a rider can also choose the level of difficulty for their biking experience. If they would like to start out slow, a relatively flat, straight path is the best way to go. As the rider becomes more experienced or decides that a challenge is in order, the biking path can always be altered to a steeper incline for more cardiovascular exercise.


Riding a tricycle may not be the most stylish way of getting exercise. Some people may think that tricycle riders are strictly old people who no longer have the balance or stamina to ride a regular two-wheeled bicycle. This is not necessarily the case. While some elderly people may choose to ride tricycles as a way to get exercise and reduce the risk of injury, people from all walks of life and age groups can enjoy riding tricycles. Because tricycles are multi-use pieces of sports equipment, old and young alike can enjoy the mobility and freedom that comes along with tricycling.

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