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Way to clean vapor trapped between double-paned windows

Double-paned windows often gather condensation and vapour between the two panes of glass. Typically when double-paned windows are installed, a silica gel is placed between the panes to collect the vapour. However, once the gel becomes saturated, the vapour will start to gather between the windows, causing the window to look streaked or cloudy. When this occurs it is necessary to replace or repair the window to restore the window to its former clarity.

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There are several unusual tools that are required when removing condensation from between double-paned windows. One of the most important tools is a drill and drill bits that can cut through glass without damaging it. Most power drills will work with the correct drill bits. The drill bit that is best suited to cutting through glass contains a tungsten carbide material. You can purchase a bit that is tungsten carbide, or you can use a diamond drill bit. You will need protective goggles, a wet-dry vacuum, a hair dryer, a defogging device and a vapour-releasing valve. Some of these items can be found at a home supply store, but others may only be available at a window repair store or online.


The process of removing condensation from between window frames is simple, but it is also difficult to complete. Use the diamond or tungsten drill bit to drill a hole into one pane of the glass. Wear the goggles to protect your eyes from glass splinters. Use gentle pressure to guide the drill through the glass. Once you reach between the glass panels you can stop drilling. Place a vacuum tube over the hole in the glass. Suck out all of the condensation from between the windows. You may have to spray a cleaning solution or water inside the glass to remove mineral build-up. Suck the water out of the glass. Use the hair dryer to dry out any remaining moisture. Place the defogging device or valve inside the hole. This should prevent further condensation and moisture from building up between the windows again.

Professional Options

Since removing condensation from between double-paned windows is a difficult process, some people may decide that hiring a professional is the best option. Most window repair professionals can be found in the phone book or online. If you choose this method of repair, choose a qualified professional. Make note of the services that they offer, and see if they offer a warranty of any kind on their services. Some companies may outline their process and have pictures of their work online.

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