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Will Calcium Hypochlorite Kill Weeds?

Calcium hypochlorite is a chemical formula similar to bleach. This chemical has sanitising and disinfecting properties. Calcium hypochlorite is not completely water soluble, and works best in soft water. If added to hard water, the calcium hypochlorite may not fully absorb into the water. There are many uses for this chemical formula, including the elimination of weeds.

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Calcium hypochlorite has the chemical compound Ca(ClO)2. Calcium hypochlorite comes in two different forms. The first form is a liquid, much like bleach. The second form is a powder, which is added to water to make a bleaching agent. The powder is yellow-white, and contains small crystals. Calcium hypochlorite is sold at some home supply stores, hardware stores and pool supply stores. You can also purchase it online. Calcium hypochlorite actually has a higher concentration of chlorine than traditional liquid bleach.

Weed Killer

Calcium hypochlorite can be used to kill any kind of weed. The chemical causes the plant to break down, killing it at the root. Calcium hypochlorite is a very effective weed killer, but it should not be used around areas with children, because it is toxic to humans. You can either use the powered or liquid form to kill weeds. Always wear gloves, goggles, and a dust mask while working with dangerous chemicals. If you use the powered form of calcium hypochlorite, mix in about ¼ cup of powder to 1 gallon of water. Place this solution in a spray bottle and spray on the weeds. This should kill them in just a few days. The liquid calcium hypochlorite should be diluted to about ¼ strength. Apply this solution to the weeds in the same manner. If the weeds do not seem to be dying, increase the strength of the calcium hypochlorite. You can also place some of the powder at the base of the weeds, allowing the powder to seep into the ground when it rains or when you water the ground. However, if you do this, then the surrounding grass will likely also die.

Additional Uses

Calcium hypochlorite is used for many different tasks. Most commonly it is used in water treatment, pool disinefecting, clothes bleaching, household disinfectants, algae and moss killer, sanitiser, furniture cleaner and mould killer. Anywhere you would use liquid household bleach, you can use calcium hypochlorite. If you do use it in swimming pools, be aware that the calcium hypochlorite causes the water to turn "hard" with added presence of minerals, which can clog some pool filtration systems.

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