The Best-Rated Furniture-Refinishing Products

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Refinishing furniture can make an old piece of furniture look new. Some refinishing products work by quickly removing the finish without the work of stripping. Other products don't remove the finish but restore the furniture and make it look new.

Some of the best products to use are Magna Shield, Howard's Restor-A-Finish and Western Wood Doctor.

Magna Shield

Magna Shield is easy to use, and you can apply as many coats as you need. It's durable, quick-drying and is chemical resistant. It also gives a perfect finish from a spray gun. It flows easily and doesn't chip or crack. A thinner is usually not needed and it doesn't yellow. There's no need to sand between coats of Magna Shield. According to Peter Schichtel, owner of Restoration by Peter Schichtel in Morristown, New Jersey, Magna Shield is one of the best lacquers he ever found.

Howard's Restor-A-Finish

Howard's Restor-A-Finish gives you a simple way to refinish your furniture without removing the existing finish. In only one step it will clean and restore the finish on your furniture. This product works on furniture with white heat rings, water marks, smoke damage and other problems. A medium-grade steel wool pad should be used to apply Restor-A-Finish to blend out minor damage. Colours available are neutral, mahogany, dark oak, dark walnut, cherry, maple-pine, golden oak and ebony brown. Testimonials can be found at

Western Wood Doctor

Western Wood Doctor Refinisher is an excellent liquid product for refinishing your furniture. It quickly removes varnish, shellac, lacquer and paint and gets into the smallest grooves. Use a paint trim brush to apply it to tiny grooves. This non-caustic formula won't burn your skin. It doesn't contain the volatile chemical methylene chloride. Other benefits of Western Wood Doctor are that it won't raise the grain and won't harm veneers or laminates. The wood will be smooth and the colour of the wood won't change. Cover this product between the times you apply it so it doesn't evaporate. Testimonials can be found at