Can You Put a Shine on an Engineered Wood Floor?

It is possible to put a shine on engineered wood floors using several methods. Most engineered wood floors are prefinished, and so it is important to pick a product that is compatible with prefinished wood. Several methods are used to shine an engineered wood floor, namely, waxing, cleaners and floor finishing.


Care needs to be taken when applying products to prefinished floors. If any amount of water needs to be used to apply or maintain a product, it is best to avoid that product. Engineered wood floors have many joints and in most cases are prefinished. Unless you are certain that the floor has been refinished several times, stick with non-water reliant products. This does not rule out water-based products, though. When using a new product on your engineered wood floor, it is a good idea to test the product on a small, inconspicuous area of the floor.


Waxing is an option for prefinished floors if the wood has been refinished at least twice. Acrylic wax is recommended for use on a prefinished floor. In order to maintain a high shine with wax, it is necessary to remove the old coat of wax using a mop stripper and to reapply the wax finish annually. Waxing is not the best method for maintaining a shine on engineered prefinished wood floors due to the amount of water that is used in the waxing process. It is possible, however, to use a floor refresher safely. This method is more expensive and a little more difficult than waxing, but it is safer for the seams of the wood. Typically, most refreshers come with an acrylic top finish that provides a very high shine.

Cleaners and Finishes

Using a good cleaner is an effective way to bring out the shine on a good base finish. Cleaners range from wood washes to water-based cleaners. Once again, it is important to damp wash vs. wet mop a prefinished wood floor and apply cleaners with that in mind. Once a good finish is applied, it is possible to maintain the shine by using any low pH or neutral cleaner. Higher pH cleaners eat away at the wax and should not be used. When applying cleaners, ensure that the finish has cured completely. Oil-based finishes can take nearly a full month to cure, and water-based finishes can take several weeks.

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