Instructions to build an 8x6 gable shed

The time and money to build an 8 x 6 shed is worth the effort, since you will be gaining additional storage space. You can design your own shed plans or purchase a set of plans. Check with the building code administrator in your area. Most municipalities have rules and regulations on the construction of exterior buildings. You’ll probably need a permit.

Build a Foundation

Build on high ground and avoid the path of water runoffs. Mark out the area of the foundation on level ground. The dimensions should extend at least 6 inches beyond the shed walls. The ground must be level. Drive 2 x 2 pegs into the ground at each corner. Hammer a nail into the centre of each peg and run a string around the perimeter to form the foundation shed area. The area must be square, so check the diagonal measurements from corner to corner. The numbers should be exact to be square.

Excavate 4 inches of earth. Use an 8-foot length 2 x 4 and carpenter’s level to even the space. Cover the area with landscaping fabric to prevent weeds and vegetation. Fill the area with a 4-inch layer of crushed stone and pack it with a tamper. Use 4 x 4 inch pressure treated timber to construct the foundation floor.

Make sure that the timbers are level. Install a waterproof membrane over the timbers to provide protection for the floor against moisture. The timbers should be at least 6 inches off the ground.

Floor, Walls & Roof

Place 2 x 8 floor joists perpendicular to the timbers. Use tongue-in-groove timber floor boards, plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) for the deck. If you use plywood or OSB board, place the material in the direction of its strength. For plywood, place the face grain at right angles to the shed’s floor joists. With OSB, the strength is in the long direction.

Use exterior wall techniques for constructing the shed walls, including the framing of rough openings for the window and door. Use 1/2-inch plywood for the sheathing and cover with house wrap. Hardwood siding is more durable than aluminium or vinyl.

Once you have the walls framed, you can build the roof with 2 x 6 rafters. A gable roof is one of the easiest designs and is excellent for shedding water. The three cuts that you are required to make on the rafters are pretty simple. The roof can be constructed and reinforced in such a way as to provide additional storage space. Install eaves and gutters to help with moisture control.

Windows & Doors

You can choose from wood, vinyl or aluminium for your windows. Wood requires periodic painting or other treatment. Vinyl windows are available in a range of colours and are low-maintenance. Aluminium windows are very strong, highly resistant to corrosion and do not require much maintenance.

Consider installing double doors for better access and removal of large items, such as wheelbarrows and lawnmowers. Often, the best placement for the door is on one of the longer walls, which will provide easier access to the various sections of the shed.

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