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Instructions for armour etch

Updated April 17, 2017

Armour Etch is a crafting solution that is designed for creating glass etchings without actually having to use professional etching tools. In a matter of minutes Armour Etch can turn a plain drinking glass or glass bowl into something personalised and unique. Any adult can use Armour Etch and let his imagination do the rest. Armour Etch comes in a cream that can be lightly brushed onto any glass surface in any design to create a permanent etched design that looks professional.

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Making Sure Your Stencils Are Sealed

For Armour Etch to give you a clean looking design, it is essential that none of the solution can leak underneath the stencil. Using self-adhesive stencils, like vinyl, help to fully adhere the stencil to the project with minimal leaking. If the Armour Etch should leak underneath the stencil into an area you don't intend to etch, your design will come out looking blurred and unprofessional. If you are using stencils that are not self adhesive, use as much tape or another temporary adhesive as you need to to get the stencil to lie flat. Take your time to make sure your stencil is secure and placed in the right spot as once you apply the solution, it is permanent.

Waiting Long Enough for the Solution to Dry

Although Armour Etch suggests waiting five minutes for the solution to dry if you are using custom or Peel 'N Etch stencils and one minute if you are using Rub 'N Etch stencils, if you can wait a few extra minutes, your etching will look more defined. If you wipe the material off too soon before the reaction of the chemical and project takes place, you will be left with a faint etching rather than a more noticeable one. The solution will still be wet on the surface for quite some time, but waiting at least 10 minutes for custom stencils and three minutes for Rub 'N Etch stencils will often give you a deeper etching that is easier to see.

Being Careful

Due to the chemical make-up of Armour Etch, it can be quite harmful to your skin, eyes and respiratory system. It is extremely important to wear gloves and goggles while working with Armour Etch to avoid any potential harm. It also should only be used in a well-ventilated area to prevent any respiratory distress or lightheadedness. Since Armour Etch is designed to burn into layers of glass, imagine how severe it could be to your body if you aren't careful.

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