Holland 14 Day Diet Plan

Holland and Barrett is a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement retailer that offers a "Fat Metaboliser" tablet along with a 14-day diet plan. The pills are meant to aid in slimming down the waistlines of its consumers, but the company knows that a pill alone cannot effectively result in consistently shedding pounds. For this reason, it provides a 14-day diet plan that is to be started at the same time the first pill is taken.


The "Fat Metaboliser" tablet is essentially a fat burner or a metabolism booster supplement that can be taken in conjunction with a concerted effort to reduce caloric intake and increase exercise for desired results. Holland and Barrett's pills work by artificially accelerating the body's metabolic rate, or calorie-burning rate, giving users a heightened level of energy that is then expelled through exercise. In other words, this type of fat-burning pill does not actually burn fat, but instead gives you more energy in which to do so; however, without a diet plan--which Holland calls a 14-day "lifestyle plan"--to reduce caloric intake while on the pills, results will typically not be seen.

AppetiteSuppresants.com says that fat metabolizers, when combined with a healthy eating and exercise plan, also can help control cravings, assist the body in using up excessive fat and help eliminate unwanted water weight.


As a supplement, one tablet should be taken midmorning and a second midafternoon. No tablets should be taken near bedtime and users should not exceed the recommended dosage. The packaging warns that increased doses can cause a rise in heart rate and restlessness.

AppetiteSuppressants.com says users should not expect to take the supplements without also making a change in his diet. All fat-burning pills require users to adjust their caloric intake.

Side Effects

Critics of fat metabolizers say this artificial acceleration of the metabolic rate disturbs the body's natural metabolism and can cause metabolic rate disorders.

Other side effects of the pills can include nausea, headache, sleeplessness, addiction, an increase in heart rate, shivering, restlessness or sudden weight gain if used over a long period of time.

Where to Buy

In the United Kingdom, you can pick up the Fat Metaboliser with its 14-day diet plan from one of Holland and Barrett's many stores. Ordering from the company website is available only to residents of European countries.

As for the price of the pills, the website lists 120 tablets, or a two-month supply, at £10, and 56 tablets at about £6.

It is difficult to obtain Holland and Barrett's tablets in the United States unless you find them at an online retailer like eBay.com. Other brands of fat metabolizers can be found easily at sites such as Iherb.com, Luckyvitamin.com and Amazon.com.

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