Instructions for fitting a halti

The Halti brand head collar for dogs acts like a halter on a horse, allowing you to control the dog's head and thus control the direction the dog is travelling. The Halti was invented by Roger Munford, an animal psychologist from Great Britain. The Halti fits around the dog's muzzle and a leash attaches to it.

A Halti that is properly fitted is an effective way to control a dog who likes to pull on the leash.


Finding the proper size Halti for your dog will ensure that the collar is comfortable and that it works properly. Halti head collars are available in six different sizes. Zero is for very small dogs such as toy poodles. The largest is a five for mastiffs and St. Bernard's. Most dogs can wear the Halti, with the exception of flat-faced breeds such as pugs or bulldogs. The package lists sizing recommendations for various breeds, but puppies and smaller female dogs may need the next smallest size.


The makers of Halti suggest you feed your dog a treat while holding the Halti in your hand. Allow your dog to sniff the Halti, then feed him a second treat. This time, slip the Halti onto the dog's muzzle, with the rings hanging under the dog's chin. The collar buckles behind the dog's ears. You can adjust the collar by means of a metal buckle, but it should not be too tight. You should be able to comfortably slip two fingers underneath the collar.

The nose band should rest a couple of inches below the dog's nose. When the band is relaxed, your dog should be able to open his mouth all the way. If the band is too close to the eyes, or your dog can't completely open his mouth, buy the next largest size of Halti.

Gentle Use

The Halti works by gently directly the dog's head and thus the dog's attention. Never jerk on the leash to pull the dog around suddenly, and don't walk with your dog's head wrenched up or to one side. This position is uncomfortable and could lead your dog to associate the Halti with an unpleasant experience. You want your dog to look forward to walks and to associate the Halti with fun outings.

Leash rules

When the leash is attached to the Halti, the nose band should still be relaxed and not too tight. When your dog starts to pull on the leash, a gentle tug should be enough to get his attention and make him stop. Leave the leash slack and the nose band loose as much as possible.