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Colloidal silver skin tag removal

Updated April 17, 2017

Skin tags are small overgrowths that occur in folds of the body, like the armpit. While they pose no health risk, they can be annoying and cosmetically undesirable. Many remedies exist to remove skin tags, including having a dermatologist freeze them off to tying thread around them to cut off the blood supply. Rubbing a colloidal silver ointment directly onto skin tags will aid in their removal, as well.

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Safety of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a remedy made of pure silver particles suspended in distilled water, and is used for a variety of ailments. It's the antibacterial ointment used in maternity wards to protect babies' eyes from any venereal disease that might be present in the birth canal. Another of its many uses is as an antiseptic on severe burn victims. A study conducted at Brigham Young University by Dr. Ron Leavitt, published in 2000, showed that colloidal silver is a safe alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics when taken internally. You do not need to have any concerns about using it on your skin.

You can find colloidal silver at your local health-food store or online. Be sure that you buy a high-quality product. Colloidal silver products that are made using unfiltered tap water, or less than 99.9 per cent pure silver may cause you to develop argyria over time. Argyria is a condition where long-term internal use of impure colloidal silver can turn your skin a greyish-blue tint. This condition is harmless, but irreversible. While you will be using the silver externally for this application, you may want to use it internally in the future, so be sure to buy from a reputable company.

Directions for Use

Rub the ointment into each of the skin tags twice daily. It may take several days or a couple of weeks, but the tags will shrivel and fall off. This same procedure can be used for warts, but keep using the silver on the site for two weeks after the wart falls off to be sure the virus that caused the wart is eliminated. Since colloidal silver has also been shown to kill staphylococcus, E. coli and other viruses and bacteria, you may want to take it internally as a daily tonic. The dosage is usually 1 tbsp.

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About the Author

Theresa L Johnston is a Southern writer with expertise in alternative medicine, gardening and behavioral and women's health issues. She has been published at, in "The Mostly ARTzine," and has edited several newsletters. She has written procedures manuals, call scripts, and youth group curriculum for her various employers over the last 10 years.

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