Things to Do in London That Have Formal Dress Codes

London, England holds many culturally unique activities and experiences. Travellers in England will quickly notice that the classier activities usually require a formal dress code. Such formal activities usually carer to a more sophisticated and affluent crowd. Attending formal affairs in England will provide you with an experience not soon to be forgotten.

Fine Dining

Attend a fancy restaurant to experience formal dining in London. London is home to many quality restaurants that strictly enforce a formal dress code. This dress code will usually require men to wear a sport jacket and women to wear a dress. A few popular restaurants in London that require a formal dress code include chef Gordon Ramsey's "Aubergine" and "Homage," which located in the ballroom inside the Waldorf Hilton.


Experience the theatre scene in London. London's most popular theatres can be found in the "West End Theatre District". Theatres in London offer some of the most breathtaking performances from the most popular plays from all around the world. Most theatres will have varying dress codes ranging from casual, to semi-formal, to strictly formal. Call the theatre you plan on attending to confirm what type of dress attire is required.

Opera Houses

Purchase tickets to an opera house to experience some of the best opera performances in the world. The largest and most popular opera house in London is the Royal Opera house. Generally, operas in London will enforce a strictly formal dress code.

Art Exhibits & Galleries

Appreciate fine art at one of London's many dress code enforced art exhibits. Consider attending The National Gallery which is home to over 2,000 paintings; dating back as far as the mid-13th century. The dress code at the National Gallery is semi-formal to formal. Also be sure to check out a few of the many smaller art exhibits that can be found scattered throughout London.

Attend a Ball

Experience ballroom dancing by attending a ball in London. There are many annual ballroom events in London. The London Hilton is one example of a venue that holds such events. You can find a ballroom event in London by searching online through websites such as The dress code for men to attend a ball is a white tie, black coattails, and black trousers. Women are required to wear a ballroom dress.


Deck yourself out in your formal wear and enjoy a drink at one of the many classy London lounges. A few formal lounges in London include the lounge inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel and the London Marriott lounge.

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