The best way to get rid of an annoying cough

Coughing is a way the body eliminates annoying substances from the airways. However, too much coughing can be irritating and make it impossible to get any rest or sleep. Also, an overabundance of coughing can lead to broken ribs. Therefore, getting rid of a cough can be beneficial to your health, as well as the people around you.


Lozenges are one of the most common ways to get rid of a cough. The two more common kinds are elm and zinc and can be found in your local drugstores. They not only help a cough, but they will also soothe your throat. Always check the directions on the amount you can consume in one day. Some lozenges may have a great taste, but limit how much your body needs to absorb over a given period of time.


If a drink is better to you than sucking on lozenges, ginger tea is always an option. It is a natural source for soothing a painful throat and relieving those bothersome coughs. Consuming drinks high in vitamin C can also help cough symptoms. Try increasing the normal 60 mg your body needs in a day to 100 mg per day. If you'd rather take the plain route without any types of flavour at all, water is a good solution. Since many coughs are a result of a dry throat, adding the amount of water you drink can help a cough. Elm can also be purchased in a powder or liquid form and added to hot water. It takes approximately 1 tsp of the powder or liquid to 2 cups of hot water. A dash of cinnamon and 1 tbsp of sugar can help this drink taste much better.


Eating the right food can also be an option. Raw or lightly cooked garlic contains a high amount of chemical compounds that have been known to help coughs. Chicken soup is not only for a cold, but can be used for a cough as well, especially if you add lots of hot or strong spices such as garlic or pepper. The warmth of the soup, along with the spices, helps break the mucus that sits in your lungs.


The air you breathe plays an important role in your lungs. Taking long, hot showers or using a humidifier will help reduce any irritation in your throat. It will also help to cough up mucus much easier. Another important fact concerning the air is smoke. Breathing second-hand smoke has been proven to cause throat irritation.

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