What Is the Quickest Way to Sober Up?

If you find yourself inebriated and need to sober up quickly, a variety of folk remedies may help you achieve a clearer state of mind. However, always use caution when driving after drinking, no matter how quickly you may feel more sober. Many remedies for excess consumption of alcohol have been used for hundreds of years, while others are newer. Sobering up quickly can be done, but do try to avoid the need in the first place. And as always, don't drink and drive.


Eat if you feel you are inebriated. Foods will help absorb alcohol. If you know you're going to go out drinking, eat before you go, and make sure to drink water before, during and after to help the body flush excess alcohol from the body. Drinking water and eating will help your body sober up more quickly and reduce the severity of hangovers, as well as preventing you from becoming dehydrated.


Drink caffeine to help give your brain the jolt it needs to become more aware and alert. Coffee is good, as are energy drinks and sodas that contain caffeine. Caffeine will also increase your metabolism, which will help the body rid itself of alcohol faster.


Exercise helps increase metabolism, which will flush excess alcohol from the body. You may not be very coordinated, but exercise will help increase blood flow as well, pumping vital oxygen to the brain, the heart and the lungs, which may feel sluggish after consumption of excess alcohol.

Consume Fructose

Consume fruits that contain fructose, a natural sugar. Ryan Murphy, lifestyle correspondent for AskMen magazine, says that researches at the Ben-Gurion University in Israel tested fruit bats and determined that fruit sugars such as fructose helped sober them up more quickly. Foods high in fructose that help humans include Coca Cola, Lifesavers, Fig Newton cookies and Apple Jacks cereal.

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