What plants to plant on an outdoor rock waterfall

Outdoor rock waterfalls with plants add beauty and tranquillity to your landscape. Plants also brighten your landscape by adding colour. The best kind of plants for outdoor rock waterfalls are those that can handle a lot of water or don't need a certain amount of water.

You can put a variety of plants between pockets of the rocks, directly in the water or on the bank around your waterfall if you have one.

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants are ideal for outdoor rock waterfalls. They're free-floating on or below the surface of the water. Some types of floating aquatic plants are Fairy Moss, Frog-bit and Jumbo Water Hyacinths. Fairy Moss is a small floating fern that grows very fast. It's a great plant for the edges of a rock waterfall. The Frog-bit plant look similar to a Water Lily and the leaves can float on the surface of the water. A Jumbo Water Hyacinth also floats on top of the water. They have purple or blue coloured flowers and look like an orchid.

Marginal Plants

Marginal plants are another plant that's ideal for outdoor rock waterfalls because they thrive in areas with moisture and can be planted in gravel. Try to plant marginal plants randomly around your rock waterfall for a natural look. Some kinds of marginal plants are Houttuynia Cordata, Marsilea quadrifolia/Upright Water Clover and Pickerel Weed. The Houttuynia Cordata blooms in the summer and have heart-shaped green leaves with burgundy around the edges. Marsilea quadrifolia/Upright Water Clover has four-lobed leaves with copper highlights. Pickerel Weed is a hardy plant with a spike of violet blue flowers and can be planted around an outdoor rock waterfall.

Tropical Marginal Plants

Tropical marginal plants are a beautiful complement to an outdoor rock waterfall. These plants include Parrot's Feather, Water Cannas, Blue Bell, Red Water Hibiscus and Zephyr Lily. Parrots Feather can be planted around your rock waterfall in containers or be used to free float over the rocks in the waterfall. Water Cannas grow well in areas that are constantly moist. You can submerge them in water or enfold their roots around small rocks and place them around your waterfall. Blue Bell and Red Water Hibiscus are Tropical marginal plants that will brighten up your outdoor rock waterfall with their bright coloured flowers. Zephyr Lily has white flowers and will grow in soil that's moist.