Troubleshooting a Rascal Mobility Scooter

Rascal, a brand of mobility scooter owned by Electric Mobility Corp., is designed for people with special mobility needs.

It's composed of a simple electric motor that is placed under the seat of the vehicle, and the body consists of a steel, aluminium or fibre sheet, which is the connecting item between the seat and the handle. The ignition is generally placed under the neck of the handle, for easy start and locking. Rascal Mobility Scooters are electric motor-fitted, so no gas is required to power the scooter.

The Scooter Lacks Power

If your scooter will not turn on, and the horn will not function, then there is a problem with the power mechanism. Turn the scooter on and off to check that the power save function is turned off. If turning the scooter on and off does not resolve the problem, check that the handlebar, frame harness and battery harnesses are all properly plugged into the scooter.

Check for frayed wires. If the wire leads that connect the handlebar, battery or harness are damaged, you can usually replace them yourself. On most models, the battery and harnesses simply disconnect. On some Rascal scooters, you will need to remove the relevant screws holding the parts together. Consult your owner's manual to find out how to disconnect the parts on your specific model if you are unsure how to do so.

If all the parts are connected, check that your battery is fully charged. If you are not sure whether your battery is properly holding a charge, use the included load tester that came with your Rascal scooter. If the battery is not capable of holding a charge anymore, replace the battery. If the battery is capable of holding a charge but not charging properly, then your charger may need to be replaced. Replacement batteries and charges can be purchased at an authorised service centre. When not using your scooter, plug in and charge the batteries at least once a month to maintain the health of the scooter and battery.

The Scooter Doesnt Move Properly

With the scooter not plugged in and turned to "off," locate the brake lever on the right-hand side on the back of your rascal scooter. The brake level should be pushed all the way down, so it is in drive mode. If it is not in the proper position, use the foot lever, which is also located in the rear of the scooter, next to the brake level, to compress the brake lever so it is low to the ground and in drive mode. Return the scooter to the "on" position and, after turning the speed down, attempt to drive the scooter again. If the scooter still will not move, the proper may be with the motor. Although the motor can be removed by lifting the seat of the scooter to access it, in most cases a replacement motor must be installed by an authorised service agent.

The Scooter Wobbles

If your scooter wobbles, check that you have sufficient tire pressure. If tires feel soft or squishy, add air to the tires. You should also check the screws that hold the seat to ensure they are tight. If the wobbles come from the seat itself, then you may need a replacement seat.

The placement of the seat in the vehicle and the size may make it difficult for some people to move on the scooter. Since factory-fitted seats come in only one size, select a seat that is better suited to your physique at an accessories shop. Once the right seat is selected, you can either have a scooter repair person install it, or you can do so yourself.

Removing the seat is relatively simple. Locate the screws on the underside of the seat that hold it on. Remove each of these screws carefully, and lift the seat straight off. Place the new seat on the top of the scooter, so that the screws are lined up with the screw holes on the new seat. Screw the new seat in tightly, so that the seat is firmly attached and able to support your weight.