How to Make a Cover for Crutches Images

If you've been injured and are using crutches to get around, it can be a painful experience for your armpits unless you properly cover the tops of your crutches with padding. It's not difficult to create homemade crutch covers using a few household items.

Although covering your crutches will make them less painful, avoid leaning on them for a long time to avoid injuring your armpits.

Roll out a long length of gauze from your gauze roll. You'll need enough to wrap it around the armpit areas several times. Hold the gauze in place on the crutch and keep it from fraying by taping it to the crutches with several strips of medical tape.

Test your crutches to see if there is enough padding. If it is not sufficient, remove all the gauze and try gel pads. If the gauze provides enough padding, you're done.

Use medical tape to attach gel cushions to the armpit areas and any other areas on the crutches that cause discomfort. Gel cushions are available at medical-supply stores and pharmacies.

Screw crutch tips into the threaded holes on the bottom of your crutches. These add support when you walk and distribute your weight more evenly, which will increase comfort. These can also be found at pharmacies and medical-supply stores.