Do it Yourself Shed Framing Kits

A do-it-yourself shed framing kit removes much of the design work required in building a shed, mini barn or workshop. Containing everything you need to build a strong, sturdy frame for your structure, these kits provide a good start in building a low-cost, attractive shed that will give you years of use.

Choosing a Kit

Shed framing kits come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but most fall into two general categories: complete frame kits and joiner-only frame kits. If you want to get your shed frame built quickly without having to cut lumber, you should go with a complete frame kit. The complete kits come with all the pieces necessary to build your shed frame, including joining pieces and lumber for the frame itself. Because it includes the lumber, a complete framing kit can be an expensive option, especially if there's shipping involved.

To avoid the cost of shipping lumber to the building site, you can go with a joiner-only kit. These kits have only the parts necessary to join the lumber that you provide into a frame. You'll need to choose the lumber and cut it according to the kit manufacturer's instructions before you can build the frame.

If you wish to avoid lumber in the frame altogether, there are low-cost metal framing kits available that provide strong sheds. Most of these kits require a covering consisting of wall panels and can be assembled quickly.

Determine the foundation type you want for your kit, wood or concrete before, choosing a kit, as many kits are foundation specific. Concrete is longer lasting, but a wood foundation is often easier and quicker to build, not needing the curing time required for concrete.

When choosing a kit, look for one that will go well with the surrounding landscape or structures. This is mainly a size and construction type issue, as the exterior of the shed is completely up to you once the frame has been built. Kits generally come in square, oblong or dome shapes, but higher end kits can be built to order, forming any shape you desire at an additional expense. You can even purchase kits containing windows or a skylight.

You should check kit contents before purchase to ensure you get all the materials you need. Most kits do not include flooring or roofing materials, and some won't include the general hardware, such as nails, for assembling the building.

Frame Kit Assembly

All shed framing kits come with detailed assembly instructions. There are, however, a few general techniques used to build most shed framing kits.

Start by laying the foundation, if you're going with a concrete foundation for your shed. If building a wooden floor, many kits have the frames available for those, and the floors should be built when the instructions call for them. The joining pieces of most kits are pre-angled, so all that's required of you is to attach joining pieces to the lumber.

Build the upright structural supports, adding them to the foundation as directed. Add the wall panels between the supports, completing the majority of the shed frame. Place the roof support trusses, and the frame is complete. Once the shed frame has been assembled you can add the exterior and roof to complete your shed.