Where To Buy Quinine

Quinine has in the past been used to treat malaria (a disease caused by mosquito bites), and is also helpful for those suffering from severe leg cramps. Most forms of quinine are banned by the FDA due to harmful side effects . Qualanine was the only FDA approved quinine brand as of 2006.

Because it is now harder to obtain, knowing where to buy it is important.

There are also homeopathic remedies containing small amounts of a natural form of quinine that has not been banned by the FDA.

Buying Drug-Strength Quinine

If you are suffering from malaria, your doctor may prescribe quinine, and you can purchase it at a regular chemist. Using quinine to treat leg cramps is not an approved usage for the drug as of 2009. If your doctor has written you a prescription for quinine, and you want to buy it online, you also have the option of purchasing it from Canada. For example, from a website called canpharm.com, Quinine Sulfate was available for purchase in 2009 for £18 for 100 tablets. This would bring the cost to 29 cents a pill. Many people on a low or fixed income, or those merely trying to save money who do not have insurance coverage may want to order quinine from Canada.

Buying Homeopathic Quinine

Hylands Leg Cramp Remedy is a homeopathic mixture containing quinine that is approved by the FDA. It is safe without side effects. It relives cramps in the lower back and legs.

To purchase the homeopathic quinine online, go to a website such as Wonderlabs.com that sells Hylands Remedy. The average 2009 price is £5.60 plus shipping. To take this remedy, the directions (for adults) say to dissolve two or three tablets under the tongue every four hours as needed.

As with any product, please consult your physician for medical advice before buying quinine or using it.