How to Decorate Photo Frames

It's fun and easy to spice up dull, boring picture frames. Using inexpensive materials or even materials from around the house, you can decorate old picture frames to give them a new look. Decorating picture frames is easy enough for anyone to do and makes a great project for the whole family. Decorated photo frames are ideal for personal use and perfect for gift giving as well.

Think about the picture frame you're decorating. If it's for a specific person or you have a picture in mind, think of decorating ideas that will fit the subject. Consider the materials you have available and lay them out so you can access them easily as you work on your frame.

Line each side of the picture frame with colourful beads. The beads can be plastic or glass. You can arrange them in a straight line around the edges of the frame or stagger them for a different look. Glue each of the beads to the frame and let the glue dry before you continue. If you want to add sparkle to your frame, add a little extra glue and sprinkle on some colourful glitter.

Glue a colourful feather to the upper corners of your picture frame. You can use one long feather that reaches the length of each side of the frame or bundle several smaller feathers on each side. You can also use leather strips in place of the feathers, or add decorative touches with acrylic paint.

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