Eye Exercises to Decrease Ptosis

Ptosis is a condition of the eye that causes a drooping upper eyelid. This condition may affect one or both eyes, and while some individuals experience just a slight drooping, others are affected to the point they can barely see. While most cases of ptosis may be caused by the natural ageing process, individuals may also experience the condition due to injury or cataracts, or even previous eye surgery. The condition is caused by a malfunction of the levator muscle of the eye. In some cases, eye exercises may help the condition.


Exercise may help some individuals suffering mild to moderate ptosis of the upper eyelid. While results may vary, some see any improvement as a benefit, especially when it improves eyesight. One exercise that seems to help strengthen the eyelid is to place a finger on a closed upper eyelid and then try to place gentle pressure downward as you try to lift up the eyelid. Hold the contraction for about five seconds and then release, performing this exercise between 10 and 20 times throughout the day.


Strengthening the eyelids may offer some individuals some relief from ptosis. Another good exercise for such conditions is to close both eyes, placing your index finger on each eyelid. Hold both eyelids firmly shut while at the same time trying to open both eyes. Individuals should be able to feel the muscle contractions and tension while performing this exercise. Hold the contraction for about five or six seconds and then release. Perform this exercise between 10 and 20 times a day.


A variety of eye exercises designed to strengthen all the muscles around the eyes and eyelids may also prove beneficial to those diagnosed with ptosis. These exercises should be performed on a daily basis for a few months before expecting noticeable results. Perform this exercise at least 10 times a day to help strengthen, firm and tone eyelid muscles. Hold your index fingers on either side of the eyes at the temple. Pull back slightly, like you're making cat eyes, and then open and close the eyes 10 times, fast. Rest, and then perform the exercise again.

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